Professional Collapsible Measuring Wheel With Easy Read - Large Display Counter
MW100 MW100C MW190
MW190R MW190RN MW190RS
MW318 MW318R MW318RS

The MW318RN is a professional grade measuring wheel featuring an ergonomic pistol-grip style handle and a top-mounted counter which allows the user to easily read or reset it without bending over or lifting the wheel. It features a folding, self-locking hinge which allows the unit to be folded in half for easy transport and a convenient carry handle, to easily carry the wheel when folded. The wheel is cleverly designed so its centre of gravity is aligned for perfect balance, making measurements easier and more accurate. The flip-down kickstand allows the wheel to stand upright if you need your hands free and stays out of the way as you measure. The counter operates via a gear & shaft for highest measurement accuracy and strength.