Sunlon has owned 14 sets of this kind of modern machines. The regular printing speed of each machine is about 25 meters per minute. Therefore, Sunlon production capacity is quite big and shipment can always be expected very soon. With these prevailing conditions, Sunlon has not only occupied more than 70% of local market shares in Taiwan but also succeeded in exporting their products to more than 50 countries over the world.

  Sunlon started to develop Level since 1985. With all executive hard struggles and efforts, Sunlon engineers are now approaching their final target day by day through testing table and electronic monitor to make Sunlon level the "Badge of Quality, Confidence and Reliability".
Taiwan Sunlon Industrial Co.,Ltd., established in 1966 in TAOYUAN city, has more than 40-year experience in the manufacture of Measuring Tape ,Measuring Wheel and Spirit Level. "Sunlon" is one of our most important registered trademarks, which has been enjoying excellent reputation among our customers.
We are not just profissonal tools manufacturer.
Now, we provide OEM.ODM. assemble solutions for customer. Even trading export for you.